We specialize in large diameter water and

sewer lines in deep, wet and rocky conditions.

Our Utility Services Include:
          • Installation of Large Water, Sewer, and Storm Drains
          • Pump Stations or Pump Replacements
          • Tunneling and Boring Operations
          • Major Cross-Country Outfalls
          • Subaquaceous Crossings

Boring and Tunneling

Sanders Utility has the capability to do bores up to 72 in. in diameter. We have the capability to bore in most conditions, even rock.

Sanders Utility has completed tunnels as large as 84 in. in diameter and has the capability to do larger diameter tunnels if necessary.

Sanders Utility can meet your boring and tunneling needs, whatever they may be.

We are located off of Highway 16 Brookshire Boulevard near I-485

Sanders Utility